Mellow Metal

by Wobbuffet

Sunday, 17 December – 8:00pm
St. Louis Artist Guild, 12 Jackson Avenue
$15 General Admission, $10 Students and Artists
Hearding Cats is proud to present Mellow Metal, a collaboration on metal percussion instruments between Shannon Wood, Tom Stubbs, and Rich O’Donnell.
The trio will be performing with instruments such as Gamelan gongs and Chinese cymbals, creating high harmonics, vowel sounds, and many other nuanced sounds rarely experienced by non-percussionists.
The audience is welcome to have a seat, walk around the room to fully experience the acoustics of the space, or bring yoga mats and bask in the meditative atmosphere.

Native St. Louisan Rich O’Donnell started drumming at age seven, beginning his lifelong obsession with  timbrel possibilities.  He’s a forty-three year veteran of the St. Louis Symphony, retired 15 years ago but still remains obsessed.

Tom Stubbs started playing metal instruments in the St. Louis Symphony in 1970 & teaching the same at SLU & the Aspen Music Festival & School.  The cymbal crashes add up.

Shannon Wood has served as the principal timpanist of the St. Louis Symphony for four years, and plays around the US in the off-season in local festivals and touring orchestras.