Saturday, Apr. 16 – “These Cats Can Speak” – poetry and multimedia word-warping! (w0w!)

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These Cats Can Speak
Featuring the poetry of Brett Underwood, Anna Lum,
Treasure Williams, and Stef Russell
Musical accompaniment by Zimbabwe Nkenya and Rich O'Donnell
Saturday, Apr. 16, 2011 - 8 pm
Floating Labs
4528 Ohio
Admission: $5

Stranger things may have happened – but we guarantee nothing more wonderful than this arts smorgasbord of poetry and improvised music has ever whet your appetite.  A covey of venerable St. Louis poets, including Brett Underwood, Anna Lum, Treasure Williams, and Stef Russell

will paint expression into the airwaves with spoken word.

Poetic mastermind and St. Louis arts fanatic Brett Underwood has been a driving force in helping assemble a team of word artists for this collaboration.  Zimbabwe Nkenya (psaltry) and Rich O’Donnell (kyma/pacarana electronics) will converse musically with the poets’ words.  Each member of this arts amalgam has a distinct aesthetic, yet the combination of the individuals forms a synergistic whole whose expression is more stirring than each of the parts alone.

Brett Lars Underwood is a bartender and a gadabout who writes, promotes and produces happenings and mishaps.  He’s quicker with the stink eye than verbal reprimands and favors the brushback pitch over preemptive warfare.  Once upon a time, he co-published a ‘zine entitled “Lick My Squaggle Noose, Clam Tick,” and penned Zen koans for The RFT and St. Louis

Magazine.  For several years he produced and hosted KDHX’ The No Show.  His verse and riddles have been published by 52nd City and Bad Shoe Press and included in FLOOD STAGE: An Anthology of Saint Louis Poets.

Longtime poet and tai’ chi instructor Anna Lum will add her words to this meeting of minds.  Since 1978 her poems have been published in various issues of River Styx and Webster Review.  Her first volume of poetry, The Urge to Play God, published in 1988 by Moonshadow Press, grew out of her participation in a Missouri Arts Council Creative Artists Project Grant to Linda Eyerman and Angela Culbertson through Craft Alliance Education Center.  She has been presenting poetry readings since 1976 at

Treasure Williams

Duff’s and various other locations.

A regional editor of Drumvoices Revue and a Cave Canem fellow, Treasure Williams’ performance abilities have been showcased on various projects, most recently on American Public Media’s Weekend America, and the Turner South Television commercial My South Speaks. Currently an assistant professor of English at Southwestern Illinois College, she received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Memphis. She is the daughter of East St. Louis Poet Laureate Eugene B. Redmond.

Williams began writing seriously in the mid nineties while performing as an underground artist in Oakland, CA. She gained prominence in the Spoken Word scene, performing with other noted authors of color; among them Asha Bandele and Ras Baraka.  She can also be found on the web at Cave Canem: A Home for Black Poets online website.  Her current projects include a

Stef Russell

completed poetry manuscript entitled “feeding the dead” and a novel in progress entitled FISH.

Stefene Russell is the former co-editor of Prinsesstarta and 52nd City literary magazines, and is currently the Culture Editor at St. Louis Magazine. She is also a member of Poetry Scores, an arts collective devoted to translating poetry into other media, and Otis Nebula Literary Syndicate, a publishing project operated by working writers dedicated to serving living word, sound, and image to which commercial concerns are always subordinate.