31 August 2013 performance underwritten by an innovation grant from the Regional Arts Commission

Hearding Cats’ first bonafide blockbuster!

On the last day of summer in 2013.  A dozen artists went to work realizing a vision originated by Rich O’Donnell.

Aqurld synthesized the music of electronic and hydroacoustic instruments, high-intensity video,  Tai-Chi movement and theatrical lighting. All of this was performed live and spontaneously on a hot night interrupted by a passing thunderstorm at the Webster University Swimming Pool.

St. Louis honored the event by turning up in blockbusting droves, and even more with their patience and good humor when safety regulations required that we clear-out the pool and wait-out the storm on dry land. It was a live event in the purest sense. No recording medium could have captured the gestalt of otherworldly music (above and under the water), brilliant undulating color and form reflected on all surfaces and  the weightless grace of submerged Tai-Chi . You just had to be there! And to our delight and eternal gratitude, roughly 450 of you were there to bear witness!

Produced by: HEARding Cats Collective
Musicians: Rich O’Donnell, Ted Rubright, Mike Murphy, Kevin Harris
Videos: Van McElwee
Camera: Olivia Murphy, Van McElwee, Rachel Ćosić, Zlatko Ćosić
Tai Chi Players: Anna Lum, LeRoy Alsup, Nicholas Alsup
Sound: Bryan Erdmann
Lights: Bryan Erdman, Olivia Murphy
Live Video Processing, Projections, Editing: Zlatko Ćosić

 Safety Staff: Tim Rakhimbayev, Jean Ponzi, Dale Dufer

Aqurld in the press:

RFT,KWMU,Examiner,Webster Journal,Webster-Kirkwood Times