Ashley Tate

Extra and Extraction: The Myth of Static Geometry
A new performance installation by Kevin Harris and Chad Eivins
Feat. HEARding Cats Collective and Ashleyliane Dance Company
Saturday, Apr. 11 – 8 p.m.
William A. Kerr Foundation 
21 O’Fallon Street
Admission: $15, $10 students/artists

Extra and Extraction: The Myth of Static Geometry is a large scale performative installation of light, dance, sound, and video synthesis. It is a scientifically playful study of how three dimensional movement and sound can be used to affect a larger architectural environment. It is a collaboration between video artists Kevin Harris and Chad Eivins, Ashley Tate and members of the Ashleyliane Dance Company, and HEARding Cats Collective artists Rich O’Donnell and Mike Murphy performing live sound synthesis.

The installation will begin by constructing a network of projection surfaces in the center room of the William A Kerr building. These surfaces will form the core infrastructure of the built environment and serve as a guide that dancers will use to navigate and interact with the electronic environment. Live camera feeds, placed in relation to the projections, will capture dancer’s movement and feedback from overlapping projections. The camera feeds will then be processed and distributed through live video synthesis and image processing equipment. At this stage, frequency and amplitude of the live sound will be used to control video image parameters such as color, field rate filtering, contrast, and scan-line frequency, as well as the forms that result from dancer’s movement.

The result will be an investigation into constructing an environment characterized by electronic stimuli rediscovering its physical origins. By placing the projection planes in various angles and degrees of depth throughout the chosen environment, the video will take on a new life of dimensionality, not only becoming a relative variation of the movement, but a system allowing live sound and dance to coalesce into a complete sensory spectacle.

The William Kerr building is a perfect stage on which to execute this post-apocalyptic vision of image and sound. The location is at once vast, desolate, present, and vacant – the ideal combination of neutrality and intention for exploring the psychological effects of this kinetic architecture.



R D Zurick
Emails from Bangkok
Featuring Ashley Tate, Anna Lum, Robert Fishbone, and Ricky Heenan
Sunday, Mar. 28, 2010 – 7:30 pm
Winifred Moore Auditorium
470 E. Lockwood
Co-sponsored by Webster Film Series
Admission: $8 regular, $5 seniors/students

R D Zurick has been working in experimental film and video for four decades.  He’s shown locally at the Pulitzer Foundation and Webster Film Series, and internationally throughout Thailand and in Shanghai.

Emails from Bangkok, co-sponsored by Webster Film Series, is a multimedia event that features live dance, music, and tai chi, in which Zurick pulls together a talented array of St. Louisans for an evening of spectacular visual and sonic art.  Additional collaborators include dancer Ashley Tate, tai chi master Anna Lum, musician Robert Fishbone, and an ensemble to play ethnic Thai music assembled by ranad ek player Ricky Heenan.  Zurick will show a total of 5 videos, including two North American premiers: Meditation on Maeya; PANSiAM*; Blue Khmer; Ballet Penile*; White Wat (* indicates North American premier screening).  PANSiAM will receive its world premier on January 17, 2010 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

Conceptually, Emails from Bangkok arose from Zurick’s quest to connect with two, very famous, Thai artists: Khun Chalermchai and Bruce Gaston.  On a 30-day journey to Thailand in 2007, Zurick sought a meeting with the artists to ask their permission for the use of their work on a video he was creating, entitled White Wat (which will be shown in Emails from Bangkok).  Over the course of his travels, Zurick wrote three emails to friends in the United States which documented his journey.  These emails will be used as a narrative, read by Zurick live during the event and interspersed between films.

In Zurick’s words, “My videos grew out of a musical relationship with film as I held out for film far too long. I finally succumbed to video at the turn of the millennium when I could see the musical possibilities not with rock video but with the computerized editing systemsI have always seen film like music and my movies were really single-framed epics that corresponded to the beats of music I would then later apply.

The young Thai musician Ricky Heenan will create live accompaniment to open the show on the ranad ek, along with fellow musicians on hand drums, and ching.  Ashley Tate, Artistic Director of Ashleyliane Dance Company, and a Grand Center Visionary Award Recipient, will accompany Meditation on Maeya with live dance.  Anna Lum will serve as projection screen on PANSiAM as the film’s images are displayed on her body.  Finally, local multi-instrumentalist Robert Fishbone will create live music on electric dulcimer for Ballet Penile.

We hope you will join HEARding Cats for this special evening of film, music, and dance that’s sure to raise STRANGE and WONDERFUL questions…