Deb Summers

HEARding Cats Gelatinous Orchestra
Saturday, Nov. 17, 12 - 8 pm
William A. Kerr Foundation
21 O'Fallon
Admission: $10 / $7 students, artists

NEWSFLASH!  A semi-identifiable group of St. Louis improvisors are said to be congealing just north of Laclede’s Landing on a Saturday in November.  All reports indicate this gathering to be peaceful, yet, note a cacophony of strange and wonderful sounds emerging from the ether at the Kerr Foundation.  Be advised – your brain may liquify, spilling out nose, ears, and mouth as you succumb to the phenomenon that is…HEARding Cats’ Gelatinous Orchestra.  

The HEARding Cats G.O. is an “occasional ensemble” whose improvising members gel, rather than jam around a set of loose musical ideas.  The group sometimes coagulates, other times separates.  Each member has a different musical viscosity – the way they and their instrumentation flow throughout the soundscape – yet common threads run between members: no grooves; no repetition; say only what is important.

Many veteran St. Louis improvisers comprise the G.O. including the interplanetary percussion being, Rich O’Donnell, who has spent the summer in his deep space laboratory dreaming up new techniques.  O’Donnell is joined by longtime collaborators Doc Mabuse (analog synthesizers) and Venus Slick (synthesizers, theremin) – who are better known as members of the tory starbuck project.  Multi-instrumentalist Deb Summers (yang-qin), woodwind player Dave Cheli, and St. Louis synth-junkie Kevin Harris round out the ensemble with fresh blood and ideas – keeping in the spirit of the G.O. as an organic group with a rotating cast of talented musicians.

Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries
Sunday, May 20, 2012 – 8 pm
Kerr Foundation
21 O’Fallon St
Admission: $10 / $7 students, artists

HEARding Cats Collective, St. Louis’ adventurous arts producer is excited to present the improvising ensemble Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries.  The group consists of veteran musical improvisers Rich O’Donnell,

Click image for a video of poet K. Curtis Lyle

tory z starbuck, Zimbabwe Nkenya, and Deb Summers conversing on a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments.  Poet K. Curtis Lyle will join the group to add his powerful articulation to the evening.

Folk music takes on many forms and is reflective of the history and culture of the region from which the musicians come.  In the case of Ethnic Muzik from Non-Existent Countries, the tradition and mindset is an ever-evolving search for new expression.  Composed of veteran St. Louis artists, the group’s individuals have created a musical and spoken languages that are unique to each person, derived from a lifetime of experimentation and interaction with their instruments and words.  The ensemble will play a set of spontaneous music on traditional and futuristic instruments.  Ideas are exchanged, manipulated, and tossed musically from one member to the

tory z starbuck plays amplified koto

other in a dance of notes that will last 90 minutes.  Their work is temporal – the soundscape the group creates on May 20 has never been before – and will never be quite the same again.  Such is the beauty of improvised expression.

Sunday, Dec. 12 – Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries @ U-City Library

Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries Featuring Tory Z Starbuck, Rich O’Donnell, and Deb Summers Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 – 2 pm University City Library 6701 Delmar Blvd Free to the public! Do you grow weary of the holiday hullabaloo? Are you in search of refuge from the rotating refuse of daily life?  Do you ponder […]

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Friday, Sept. 24 – “Seeking Asian Female” film sneak peak and benefit at Mandarin House!

Seeking Asian Female – film sneak preview benefit! By artist Debbie Lum Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 – 630 pm Mandarin House Restaurant 9150 Overland Plaza Dinner Benefit: $50 and up Screening only: $25 HEARding Cats Collective will showcase a sneak preview benefit for award winning San Francisco-based filmmaker, Debbie Lum.  Lum recently received a generous […]

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Feb. 18 @ Off-Broadway! Show just added: “Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries” featuring Tory Z Starbuck, Rich O’Donnell, Deb Summers, and Jeffrey Miller

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