Doc Mabuse

Hearding Cats Collective will offer a series of four classes in electronic instrument design taught by veteran DIY synthesist Mike ‘Doc Mabuse’ Murphy, plus one master class on Sunday 12 Nov 2017 in which Doc will be joined by Martin Freeman & Bbob Drake.
These classes are geared toward artists wanting to acquire a foothold in DIY audio circuit skills . They will not require prior experience nor will they require a mathematics or engineering background, nor will soldering be a part of the curriculum, as all projects will be rendered on breadboard. Tools, components, and breadboards will be provided.
The fee will be $40 for all 5 classes. The master class is set for 12 November, 2017,  but the remaining class times are still TBD, October-November. Class size is small and very limited. If you are interested, have questions, or both, please contact Doc at
Mike ‘Doc Mabuse’ Murphy is a veteran designer of dozens of one-of-a-kind ‘Electronium’ instruments and analog synthesizer modules including the Noise Ring, a collaboration with Grant Richter, founder and chief designer of the Wiard Synthesizer Company. Doc taught analog circuit design in the Audio Arts Department of Webster University.
Martin Freeman is the designer of the ‘Horndog’ circuit recent featured in Electronic Musician Magazine. He is a master in the uses of chaotic feedback in circuit design.
Bbob Drake is a renowned DIY master. His website,, is one of the principle DIY analog references on the internet for people of all levels of expertise.

Analog Revenge

by Wobbuffet

Saturday, 13 May – 7:30pm
The Luminary, 2701 Cherokee Street

General Admission $15, Student and Artist $10

HEARding Cats Collective knows that our culture is drowning in digital technology, so we are proud to present ANALOG REVENGE and show the world that analog survives and thrives
ANALOG REVENGE presents three masters of analog synthesis with diverse approaches in an open forum that affords the audience the freedom to mix and match their own listening experience.


Rich ODonnell has truly done it all. He performed for 43 years a principal percussionist in the St. Louis Symphony. He is the current director of the Electronic Music Studio at Washington University, and in the mid ‘70’s he built a pair of large-scale, 40-module, modular analog systems with computerized patching matrices. Some of the modules he will use in ‘Analog Revenge’ come from these massive systems. Rich continues to design and build his own instruments and to improvise on them drawing on more than 60 years of experience in every form of music.
Kevin Harris is a mainstay in the St. Louis art scene. He has garnered widespread praise for equal prowess in music and visual media. He curated the legendary underground ‘Floating Labs’ venue, and conceived and created the acclaimed Octarrarium video/audio installations at the Regional Arts Commission in 2016.  Kevin’s prolific analog performances choreograph audio and video dimensions into a powerful, sophisticated synthesis.
Inhabiting the frontiers of art-rock and jazz led dr. mabuse (aka Mike Murphy) to conclude that off-the-shelf instrument designs fell too short of his musical visions, so he added prolific electronic design and construction skills to his decades of musical improvisation and composition experience. He is the original designer of the Noise-Ringcircuit that became a bestseller for Wiard Synthesizers and later, for Richter-Malekko . Doc’s approach to performance on electronic instruments has been described as,“intimate, to the point where the circuits seem almost like extensions of his own nervous system.”

Serious Warping of Space, Time, and Your Mind, A Sci-Fi Fantasy

Sunday, 20 Novemer – 7:30 PM The Kerr Foundation, 21 O’Fallon Street General Admission $20, Student and Artist $15 As part of our 8th season of keeping Saint Louis Strange and Wonderful, Hearding Cats is mystified to present a 5 act collaboration with 19 artists inviting you to move through space and time on 3 […]

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A MULTIMEDIA  PERFORMANCE & DONOR PARTY at Satori 3003 Locust Street June 4th 2016 at 7pm featuring dimension -busting 3D video by  VAN McELWEE : ‘Archaic Rooms’ and ‘Y-Space’  CASPER McELWEE: ‘Anaglyphs Chakras’  Live Soundtracking by ASAKO KUBOKI , violin PAPA WRIGHT hyper-karimba    RICH O’DONNELL Kyma MIKE MURPHY (aka dr. mabuse), re-synthesized guitar Cat Chefs: Suzy Farren, Anna Lum, […]

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Octararrium! March 11 through April 30

AN IMMERSIVE, INTERACTIVE VIDEO INSTALLATION & PERFORMANCE ENVIRONMENT at the RAC Gallery 6128 Delmar Blvd. March 11 through April 30 by KEVIN HARRIS & CHAD EIVINS co-sponsored by The Regional Arts Commission Octararrium, and all performances are free of charge and open to the public during regular gallery hours (9am -5pm daily) Performance Schedule: Friday Doors Open […]

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Saturday, May 9 – “You Call that Music?” @ The Luminary Center for the Arts

You Call that Music? Saturday, May 9 – 7:30 pm Luminary Center for the Arts 2701 Cherokee St Admission: $15 / $10 students, artists   Join HEARding Cats Collective in a new way to collaborate, improvise, and experience music with one of our You Call that Music? events. This unique performance will feature a live […]

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Saturday, Jun. 6 – “Deep Anaglyphs” – A Donor Party for HEARding Cats

Deep Anaglyphs Saturday, Jun. 6 – 8:00 p.m. Private Residence Free for donors HEARding Cats Collective invites all 2014-15 donors to join us in celebrating the conclusion of our sixth season with a special thank-you event at the octagonal tower of a Romanesque temple (formerly B’nai El), the current loft residence of artist Casper McElwee! […]

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Friday, Jun. 6 – “As Unstable As” @ Kranzberg Arts Center

A survey of contemporary electronic and performance art produced by Kevin Harris Friday, Jun. 6      7 pm thru 11pm Kranzberg Arts Center Tickets: $7 students/artists, OR $10 general admission *This is not a HEARding Cats production, but we wanted to make our friends aware of the event, being produced by a favorite cat of ours, […]

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Sunday, Jun. 22 – “Barnstorm” @ Oxford American Annex (Little Rock, Ark.)

Barnstorm Sunday, Jun. 22 – 7 pm Oxford American Annex (Little Rock, Ark.) 1300 Main Street – Little Rock, AR Admission: $5 cover at the door HEARding Cats Collective invades Little Rock, Arkansas for a special engagement in partnership with the Oxford American magazine! If you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by! Join Southern improvisers […]

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Friday, Jan. 24 – “Hear What You Don’t See” at Regional Arts Commission

Hear What You Don’t See (Listening in the Dark) Friday, Jan. 24 – 7:30 pm Regional Arts Commission 6128 Delmar Blvd Admission: $15 / $10 students, artists HEARding Cats is back in the new year with strange and wonderful arts events sure surprise and delight! Join HCC’s artistic directors, Rich O’Donnell and Doc Mabuse for […]

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