Dr. Bruce McLaughlin

S.A.N.E (Semi-Acoustic Noise Ensemble)
Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 - 8 pm
S. Carmody Gallery
2707 Sutton
Admission: $10 / $5 students, artists
*this is a limited engagement with seating for 25 - 
please RSVP to drmabuce@gmail.com for reservations 
**S.A.N.E. thinks small is beautiful - this is a "tiny" concert 
in which they'll play at a very low volume

We’re issuing an APB for four strange looking musicians who have escaped from the State Infirmary for Improvising Musicians.  The ensemble, while harmless, operates under the moniker of S.A.N.E. and is purported to be heading toward Maplewood…

(Semi-Acoustic Noise Ensemble), as its name suggests, is an ensemble that blends electro-acoustic instrumentation with improvisation.  Though their ideas and aesthetic may be described by

some as bordering on the insane, there’s no doubt about the musical pedigree and quality of the musicians.  St. Louis analog synth guru, Doc Mabuse leads the ensemble, which also features longtime collaborators tory z starbuck, Venus Slick, and Bruce MacLaughlin.

Doc Mabuse developed his chops at North Texas University’s esteemed jazz program in the 1970s.  While he primarily studied bass at that time, he developed a passion for analog synthesizers along the way, and has applied his skills as an engineer and computer programmer to the creation of unique electronic instruments for the last three decades.  He regularly performs around St. Louis, and shares his knowledge with willing converts at annual synthesizer building workshops here in town.  Fellow collaborators tory z starbuck and Venus Slick – both multi-instrumentalists have appeared alongside Mabuse in various iterations over the last 20 years, adding stimulating musical and visual variety to S.A.N.E. performances.  Bruce McLaughlin rounds out the ensemble on percussion, providing spontaneous fits of punctuated effects.

The Tory Z Starbuck Band at The St. Louis Art museum. photo: Todd Davis

The Tory Z Starbuck Band at The St. Louis Art museum. photo: Todd Davis

Music by the

Tory Z Starbuck Band

and dance coordinated by Sandy Busken

Sunday 29 November 2009  at 2pm

University City Library (2nd floor performance space)

6701 Delmar Blvd In University City

This event is free to all. There is no admission charge.

The Hearding Cats Collective kicks off its concert season with an afternoon of  avant-pop, inspired movement, and just plain weird fun. Tory Z Starbuck has been challenging St. Louis’ preconceptions for 30 years* and he shows no signs of stopping now. The multi-instrumentalist ensemble uses unconventional, often self-created instruments and even when they resort to familiar instruments, they manage to uses them in unconventional ways.  Tory is joined by Venus Slick, Dr. Bruce McLaughlin, Tony Engelhardt, and dr. mabuse .

Tory routinely provides music for with dance ensembles around the city and for this show he will be joined by a small company of dancers coordinated by Sandy Busken

*A full-length interview with Tory was featured in the Nov. issue of St. Louis Magazine, see it at:


The tory z starbuck website is: