Floating Labs

Working with modular analog synths in the 21st Century
A course of 4 seminars
Floating Labs
July 14-15, 21-22, 2012 – 1- 5 pm
Admission: CLOSED (class is filled to capacity)
(thank you!)

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There is nothing old fashioned about analog modular synthesizers these days. This ‘old’ technology enjoys a contemporary commercial renaissance that eclipses the technology’s ‘golden age’ in the 70’s.  HEARding Cats is pleased to present a rare educational opportunity free of charge on the art and techniques of working with  modular synthesizers taught  by an expert in all aspects of this fertile technology.  There will be four afternoon seminars on two consecutive weekends taught by Mike Murphy. The topics covered will include the fundamentals of all analog modules. But Murphy will also cover current problems such as interconnection between the new varieties of format including stompboxes and the inner workings of digital/analog hybrids.  The material will be of most benefit to folks who already own some analog synth gear, but Murphy will also provide guidance on how to get the most bang for your buck when you shop for modules in the modern marketplace.

Dr. Mabuse


Mike Murphy ** is  a self confessed analog modular addict. Starting with an Arp 2600 in 1972, he has spent his life with patch cords at the ready around his neck.  He studied electronic music with pioneering synthesist Merrill Ellis at the University of North Texas and attended St. Louis University on a music scholarship.  He makes his living designing software but his real avocation is music and its relationship to technology.  He composes, performs, and improvises regularly in multiple genres (rock, jazz, improv) on bass, cello, guitar and, of course, synthesizers.  He teaches analog circuit design and fabrication at Webster University and guest lectures on similar topics at Washington University.  He has collaborated with Grant Richter on circuit designs for the Wiard Synthesizer Company.  He’s created the majority of the instruments on which he regularly performs.

You can see a sample of Murphy’s work in an experimental film by Eric Wilkinson that captured one of his recent performances here:


* * (who performs under the name  ‘dr. mabuse’ or just ‘doc’)

Float Your Face Festival
Friday, Jun. 3 - Saturday, Jun. 4, 2011
Floating Laboratories
4528 Ohio

Our good friends down at Floating Laboratories will be hosting the first ever “Float Your Face” experimental music festival in early June 2011!  The two day festival will feature a variety of artists from all over the U.S.  A full listing of event times and acts can be found at the link above.

Doc Mabuse and Sparx

HEARding Cats artists Rich O’Donnell and Anna Lum will perform a duo poetry/percussion set on Friday, Jun. 3 at 8:15 pm.

On Saturday, Jun. 4 at 4 pm, HEARding Cats artist (and El Presidente) Doc Mabuse will host a free lecture on advanced modular synthesis as part of the festival.

We hope to see you all there!


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