Martin Freeman

Saturday, 11 November – 7:30pm
Satori, 3003 Locust Street
$15 General Admission, $10 Students and Artists

Continuing our 9th season, Hearding Cats presents analog DIY inventors and improvisers Martin Freeman and Bbob Drake.  The duo will be performing improvised sets on instruments of their own design and construction.  Freeman and Drake take a measured, minimalist approach to the chaotic nature of improvisation on analog synthesizer, letting their instruments state their cases slowly and clearly… for analog synthesizers, at least. Please take a look at the links throughout this post and hear for yourself!

photo by r.nuuja

Martin Freeman is an improvising musician and instrument builder from Rochester, NY. He works predominantly with electronics instruments of his own design, which are inspired by voltage-controlled synthesizers from the 1940s to the present with special attention given to creating opportunities for uncertainty and surprising behavior. His performance practice typically involves provoking and wrangling unpredictable circuits in a web of knob-laden boxes that are covered in candy wrappers and collages.
Recordings are available through Freeman’s soundcloud.


Bbob Drake is a veteran legend of the American analog DIY scene, and in addition to his compositions, his website ( is a resource for beginners and experts alike.

Patrick Cain will be unable to make the performance, but here is a recent collaborative performance with Martin Freeman.  Kevin Harris, an artist who actively fears being injured by an exploding cathode ray tube, will be doing the live video synthesis for the event.

Hearding Cats Collective will offer a series of four classes in electronic instrument design taught by veteran DIY synthesist Mike ‘Doc Mabuse’ Murphy, plus one master class on Sunday 12 Nov 2017 in which Doc will be joined by Martin Freeman & Bbob Drake.
These classes are geared toward artists wanting to acquire a foothold in DIY audio circuit skills . They will not require prior experience nor will they require a mathematics or engineering background, nor will soldering be a part of the curriculum, as all projects will be rendered on breadboard. Tools, components, and breadboards will be provided.
The fee will be $40 for all 5 classes. The master class is set for 12 November, 2017,  but the remaining class times are still TBD, October-November. Class size is small and very limited. If you are interested, have questions, or both, please contact Doc at
Mike ‘Doc Mabuse’ Murphy is a veteran designer of dozens of one-of-a-kind ‘Electronium’ instruments and analog synthesizer modules including the Noise Ring, a collaboration with Grant Richter, founder and chief designer of the Wiard Synthesizer Company. Doc taught analog circuit design in the Audio Arts Department of Webster University.
Martin Freeman is the designer of the ‘Horndog’ circuit recent featured in Electronic Musician Magazine. He is a master in the uses of chaotic feedback in circuit design.
Bbob Drake is a renowned DIY master. His website,, is one of the principle DIY analog references on the internet for people of all levels of expertise.