R D Zurick

Super-Cooled Voltage-Controlled Liquids
Saturday, May 11 – 8 pm
3003 Locust
Admission: $15 / $10 students, artists

The new multi-discipline production, Super-Cooled Voltage-Controlled Liquids, refers to the original inspiration for the piece – the use of stained glass windows in innovative ways to filter video projection.  This new production represents a collaboration between many veteran St. Louis artists, including Van McElwee and R D Zurick (video), Tom Brady (performance), Lea Koesterer (stained glass artist), and musicians Rich O’Donnell, Doc Mabuse, and Kevin Harris on electronic synthesizers.

Light and shadow dance through stained glass, beckoning audience members to hidden places.  A symphony of synthesized sounds orchestrates the movement of figures.  R D Zurick and Van McElwee’s video works (Butterfly and PANsIam – Zurick; Transfinite Loops – McElwee) create this fantasy world using a technique created in conjunction with Rich O’Donnell and Lea Koesterer.  Koesterer is a St. Louis stained glass and mosaic artist who serves ‘as the interface between the viewer and nature,’ hoping to transform other with her work.  By using Koesterer’s stained glass and translucent scrims, certain light frequencies are filtered in a way that creates the illusion of 3-dimensional imagery.  Combined with the use of reflection and shadow, the movement of light creates complex dimensions and depths of perception.

In addition to the video works, performance artist Tom Brady will weave movement with light and self-created art-objects to add a live visual element to the evening.  Along with the video pieces, Brady’s work is accompanied musically by digital synthesists Rich O’Donnell, Doc Mabuse, and Kevin Harris.

R D Zurick and John Consiglio
Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 – 5 pm
Hi-Pointe Theatre
1005 McCausland
Admission: $5

Friends – our fair fellow cat, R D Zurick is presenting a producing some very new, video art and live music, one time only.  We wanted to pass the info along to you!

R D Zurick, long a local film and video artist, whose work is also produced and shown in Bangkok, Thailand, has often teamed with composer performer John Consiglio.  Their efforts have been so satisfying that three of the videos will be screened as a tribute to the musician.  Their first collaboration was a magical mergence of sound and vision on a haunting Thai themed piece called ANCIENT CITY which will open the show.  This video weaves together the whole of Siamese culture, allowing their ghostly spirits to visibly rise on many occasions.  A premiere screening of Zurick and Consiglio’s BUTTERFLY follows, offering video-manipulated glimpses of works by 50 local artists.

Consiglio takes the stage and performs an additional improvised layer of live sound with REALITY TRUNCATED OR HOW I LEARNED TO STOP COMPLAINING AND LOVE ST. LOUIS.  This revitalized film exploration depicts St. Louis civic festivals over a period of one year and shot in a visually rhythmic manner.  First edited thirty years ago, the piece now takes on a retro film look. Its energetic rhythms fleetingly reveal a myriad of familiar faces cavorting in the crowds that swarm these festivals of old.   Everyone from Mickey Mouse to Stan Musial is glimpsed as the piece dances to Consiglio’s music.

Zurick may be best remembered for a couple video art shows at the Moore

John Consiglio

Auditorium, Arty Movies by R D Zurick and last year’s E-Mails From Bangkok (produced by HEARding Cats Collective).  He also created installations for the St. Louis International Film Festival, the City Museum and the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, and was included in many video art and music programs in the last few years.  Zurick says his “videos, although sometimes running over twenty minutes, have no stories, no characters, and no words.  They are universal images that move like music, sometimes meditatively, sometimes persistently rhythmic. They may begin from a point in reality but inevitably take the viewer on an excursion into abstraction sometimes so radically that they may resemble an abstract digital painting with movement.”  A one-man show of his installations and wall hangings opens January 6, at the Soha Gallery.

Picking up the guitar at thirteen, John Consiglio went on to form legendary St. Louis bands, The Oozkicks (who opened for rock legend Iggy Pop as mere high school sophomores) and A Perfect Fit, one of the first bands to crack the local club scene.  Consiglio has long been a part of that scene and can be caught today as the lead guitar bouncing up and down to the heavy Ska beat of Black Market Peace.  Moved by Webster University classwork under synthesist Tom Hamilton, composer Ken Stallings, and video artist Van McElwee, John began to create in a music world far from local bands and deep into experimental territory many years ago.

As a film instructor at Webster, Zurick noticed Consiglio’s music in work by past students and was impressed enough to begin collaborating with him, too.  “I would get lost in these bizarre soundscapes of his,” Zurick said, “that painted pictures for me even if they were not supporting a moving image.  I was amazed at how much more people see in my abstract films once they are combined with John’s inspired layering techniques.  In many ways he makes his alternative music much like I make my videos.”  They are a perfect match prompting this one unique show of Consiglio sounds and trippy Zurickian images.

The Hi-Pointe is located at the intersection of Clayton and Skinker.  Call 314-546-2200 for more information

March 28, 2010 – HEARding Cats presents “Emails from Bangkok” – a new work by R D Zurick at the Webster Film Series!

R D Zurick Emails from Bangkok Featuring Ashley Tate, Anna Lum, Robert Fishbone, and Ricky Heenan Sunday, Mar. 28, 2010 – 7:30 pm Winifred Moore Auditorium 470 E. Lockwood Co-sponsored by Webster Film Series Admission: $8 regular, $5 seniors/students R D Zurick has been working in experimental film and video for four decades.  He’s shown […]

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