Tory Z Starbuck

Gino Robair & HEARding Cats Gelatinous Orchestra
Saturday, Mar. 15 – 8 pm
Kerr Foundation Building
21 O’Fallon Street
Tickets: $15 / $10 students, artists

HEARding Cats’ Gelatinous Orchestra – the improvising ensemble that “gels when it jams” is back in 2014, featuring special guest Gino Robair. Robair has collaborated many times

with HEARding Cats and various St. Louis musicians, though he may be best remembered for his improvised opera, I, Norton several years ago. Like a conversation, the Gelatinous Orchestra features multiple individuals on various instruments passing around sonic ideas. Sometimes these ideas conflict; other times they combine; ebbing and flowing throughout 75 minutes of sonic landscapes. In addition to Robair, St. Louis improvising mainstays Treasure Shields-Redmond, tory z starbuck, Venus Slick, and Kate Eakin join the fun at Kerr Foundation.

Gino Robair has performed and recorded with Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison, John Butcher, Derek Bailey, Peter Kowald, Otomo Yoshihide, and the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. He is one of the “25 innovative

percussionists” included in the book Percussion Profiles(SoundWorld, 2001), as well as a founding member of the Splatter Trio and Pink Mountain. His opera, I, Norton, based on the life of Norton I, Emperor of the United States, has been performed throughout North America and Europe. Don’t miss it!

S.A.N.E (Semi-Acoustic Noise Ensemble)
Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012 - 8 pm
S. Carmody Gallery
2707 Sutton
Admission: $10 / $5 students, artists
*this is a limited engagement with seating for 25 - 
please RSVP to for reservations 
**S.A.N.E. thinks small is beautiful - this is a "tiny" concert 
in which they'll play at a very low volume

We’re issuing an APB for four strange looking musicians who have escaped from the State Infirmary for Improvising Musicians.  The ensemble, while harmless, operates under the moniker of S.A.N.E. and is purported to be heading toward Maplewood…

(Semi-Acoustic Noise Ensemble), as its name suggests, is an ensemble that blends electro-acoustic instrumentation with improvisation.  Though their ideas and aesthetic may be described by

some as bordering on the insane, there’s no doubt about the musical pedigree and quality of the musicians.  St. Louis analog synth guru, Doc Mabuse leads the ensemble, which also features longtime collaborators tory z starbuck, Venus Slick, and Bruce MacLaughlin.

Doc Mabuse developed his chops at North Texas University’s esteemed jazz program in the 1970s.  While he primarily studied bass at that time, he developed a passion for analog synthesizers along the way, and has applied his skills as an engineer and computer programmer to the creation of unique electronic instruments for the last three decades.  He regularly performs around St. Louis, and shares his knowledge with willing converts at annual synthesizer building workshops here in town.  Fellow collaborators tory z starbuck and Venus Slick – both multi-instrumentalists have appeared alongside Mabuse in various iterations over the last 20 years, adding stimulating musical and visual variety to S.A.N.E. performances.  Bruce McLaughlin rounds out the ensemble on percussion, providing spontaneous fits of punctuated effects.

Sunday, May 20 – Ethnic Muzik for Non Existent Countries @ Kerr

Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries Sunday, May 20, 2012 – 8 pm Kerr Foundation 21 O’Fallon St Admission: $10 / $7 students, artists HEARding Cats Collective, St. Louis’ adventurous arts producer is excited to present the improvising ensemble Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries.  The group consists of veteran musical improvisers Rich O’Donnell, tory z starbuck, […]

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Sunday, Dec. 12 – Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries @ U-City Library

Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries Featuring Tory Z Starbuck, Rich O’Donnell, and Deb Summers Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 – 2 pm University City Library 6701 Delmar Blvd Free to the public! Do you grow weary of the holiday hullabaloo? Are you in search of refuge from the rotating refuse of daily life?  Do you ponder […]

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Friday, Sept. 24 – “Seeking Asian Female” film sneak peak and benefit at Mandarin House!

Seeking Asian Female – film sneak preview benefit! By artist Debbie Lum Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 – 630 pm Mandarin House Restaurant 9150 Overland Plaza Dinner Benefit: $50 and up Screening only: $25 HEARding Cats Collective will showcase a sneak preview benefit for award winning San Francisco-based filmmaker, Debbie Lum.  Lum recently received a generous […]

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Sunday, June 27 – HEARding Cats Gelatin Orchestra saves souls (from the banal cycle of everyday life) at U-City Library

HEARding Cats Gelatin Orchestra Sunday, June 27, 2010 – 2 pm University City Library 6701 Delmar Blvd Free and open to the public HCC invites adventurous souls to come worship with us at the U-City library on Sunday, June 27 for the STRANGE and WONDERFUL sounds of HEARding Cats Gelatin Orchestra.  Featuring the sometimes-erratic, often […]

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Thursday, Jun. 10 – An Impromptu Gathering of Cats in Strauss Park

An Impromptu Gathering of Cats Featuring Rich O’Donnell, Doc. Mabuse, Tory Z Starbuck, and Zimbabwe Nkenya Thursday, Jun. 10, 2010 – 6 pm Strauss Park (corner of Grand and Washington Blvd.) Admission: Free and open to the public   Join HEARding Cats Collective artists Rich O’Donnell, Doc Mabuse, Tory Z Starbuck, and Zimbabwe Nkenya this Thursday, […]

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Feb. 18 @ Off-Broadway! Show just added: “Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries” featuring Tory Z Starbuck, Rich O’Donnell, Deb Summers, and Jeffrey Miller

Ethnic Muzik for Non-Existent Countries Thursday, Feb. 18 – 8 pm Off-Broadway 3511 Lemp Tickets: $8 / $5 students/starving artists HEARding Cats Collective is working tirelessly to keep St. Louis “strange and wonderful” for all you art music lovers.  Ethnic Music for Non-Existent Countries is a whacked-out avant-electronic music and performance art event that combines […]

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The Tory Z Starbuck Band, An Intergalactic Happening

Music by the Tory Z Starbuck Band and dance coordinated by Sandy Busken Sunday 29 November 2009  at 2pm University City Library (2nd floor performance space) 6701 Delmar Blvd In University City This event is free to all. There is no admission charge. The Hearding Cats Collective kicks off its concert season with an afternoon […]

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