The Visitor
Tuesday, Apr. 15 – 7:30 pm
3003 Locust
Tickets: $15 / $10 students, artists

Join HEARding Cats Collective for a special touring performance, entitled The Visitor. Performance artist, sculptor and musician Bob Marsh (San Francisco) dons the persona of The Visitor for this performance dealing with waking and dreaming, present and future and the nature of discovery. (See videos of Marsh here). Through the years, Marsh has experimented with and created a variety of “sound-making clothing.” His Sonic Suit #9 will be used for The Visitor performance. Marsh has a long history playing in and leading ensembles in the Bay Area, in addition to years spent in Chicago and Detroit. Notable ensembles include “Che Guevarra Memorial Marching (and Stationary) Accordion Band, Free Reed Vibrating Society, and Eight.

Joined by vocal shape shifter Carol Genetti (Chicago) and percussionist, electronicist Rich O’Donnell (St. Louis), Marsh and company tour through inner and outer spaces arriving at Satori for this engagement. Genetti is a vocalist, composer and installation artist. Her work is focused on the interplay between the voice as an expressive musical instrument and its extension into the sound-making realm. She has studied a variety of techniques including Western singing, Hindustani classical voice and Bulgarian folk music. Through these studies and her own explorations, she has developed a personal yet universal palette that is an abstraction of “extended” voice sounds — breaths, overtones, and disconnected textual bits, squeaks, growls, non-verbal tones — sounds that evoke unconscious emotions and human physicality.