You Call that Music?
Saturday, May 9 – 7:30 pm
Luminary Center for the Arts
2701 Cherokee St
Admission: $15 / $10 students, artists

Join HEARding Cats Collective in a new way to collaborate, improvise, and experience music with one of our You Call that Music? events. This unique performance will feature a live sound processing environment constructed by Rich O’Donnell, Doc Mabuse, and Kevin Harris. This trio will serve as “editors” of the event by making use of modular synthesizers and computers to capture sounds from microphones specifically placed around the Luminary Center for the Arts.

The sounds played into the microphones will originate exclusively from objects brought to the performance by the public. Anyone is invited to participate in this bringing and playing of objects, musician and non-musician, citizen and non-citizen alike. A democratized but controlled performance ensemble will be created.

Throughout the course of the evening, the editors will invite participants to “play” their objects into the microphones, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. Participants will be carefully grouped into ensembles based on their objects sound characteristics and the manner in which various objects compliment one another. An example of a hypothetical name for a hypothetical ensemble might be, duet for toothbrush, hubcap, and granular synthesizer. The editors will ultimately determine what the audience is hearing, but the participants will be creating the source sound, listening to how it affects the final outcome, and making the physical decisions on what to do with their objects based on a symbiotic relationship with the editors.

As for objects to bring: non-traditional musical instruments. We ask that you search your kitchens, tool sheds and catch-all drawers for non-amplified objects that make a noise you find interesting. Don’t shy away from small sounds. Take advantage of the rich potential to transform objects into something new. Examples of objects include buckets, cans, bowls, rakes, washtub, cardboard, etc., which make scratching, banging, scraping, resonating, rattling, singing, ringing…use your imagination….types of sounds. It’s a chance to invent a new instrument to play for, at least, several minutes.


Deep Anaglyphs
Saturday, Jun. 6 – 8:00 p.m.
Private Residence
Free for donors

HEARding Cats Collective invites all 2014-15 donors to join us in celebrating the conclusion of our sixth season with a special thank-you event at the octagonal tower of a Romanesque temple (formerly B’nai El), the current loft residence of artist Casper McElwee! To become a donor and receive an invitation, email

Many artistic and culinary surprises are in store for the evening – which will feature the premier of new abstract 3-D video animations by McElwee with live video synthesis by Mike Radentz. Rich O’Donnell will add dimensions by triggering video images with electronics using his Eurosynth and THROD modules, while Doc Mabuse does this same with his Dome instrument.

Improvising virtuoso musicians will accompany the videos, including cellist Craig Hultgren (Birmingham, AL), percussionist Glen “Papa” Wright playing kalimba, analog synthists Doc Mabuse, and Rich O’Donnell. O’Donnell will further use the KYMA/PACARANA interactive electronics to manipulate Hultgren and Wright’s work in real time. Each individual will musician will accompany a different video.

The fusion of media and cultures will also be reflected in the reception good-eats.  Beer, wine, and fusion finger foods will be served.

We hope you’ll join us for this special event, and help HEARding Cats continue to keep St. Louis strange and wonderful! If you can’t attend, please consider a donation in lieu of an in-person visit!