In Appreciation of


Bryan Erdmann

(just because)



While we’re waiting for information about our upcoming events, Hearding Cats Collective wants to heap praise on a guy who stays in the shadows at the back of the room. Bryan Erdmann mixes and provides lighting and technical support at most of our performances. He is every bit as proficient an artist as the good folks on stage, and as any one of the folks on stage will tell you, if they sound and look good it’s , in large part, because Bryan is so terribly, terribly good at his craft! Bryan’s history producing great shows would spill over to multiple pages. But to name a few, he got his hands dirty at Powell Hall, The Mississippi River Festival, The (fabulous) Fox and The Sheldon.  HCC is honored and lucky that a professional of Bryans caliber and creativity is willing to lend his talents to our performances.

He’s an artist in his own right and we featured him as a performer at The Kerr where he assembled the microphones, mixers and speakers of his craft into instruments that transformed the audiences sounds into  sonic art.

So when you’re at a Hearding Cat’s show and you like what you heard save a kudo for Bryan back in dark and out of sight. It’s a sure bet that he had a hand the quality you experienced.